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KAVITEC wheelsets in ŠPICA ŠPORT Kamnik

For  2015  KAVITEC wheelsets in ŠPICA ŠPORT Kamnik
(will be available in march 2015 except 4.2AC and some XC wheelsets)

Road wheelsets KAVITEC:
4.0T  (39mm front/39m rear) tubular 
5.6T (50mm front/60mm rear) tubular  
5.6C (50mm front/60mm rear) clincher
4.2AC (42mm front/42mm rear) aluminium clincher


5.5T  (55mm front/55mm rear) tubular
5.5C (55mm front/55mm rear) clincher
3.0T (30mm front/30mm rear) low weight tubular 

Price for road wheelsets in ŠPICA ŠPORT Kamnik: from 900-1500EUR 
(4.2AC -360eur) (WHEELSET)
-all carbon rims has internal nipples
-all carbon rims are 25mm wide
-all wheelset has 20front/24 rear aero spokes
-all wheelsets are hand assambled and finished with Wheelfanatyk tensiometer
-one yer warranty on components/ 6 months warranty on spokes

MTB wheelsets KAVITEC 
(wide rims = stiffer wheelset, same weight as low weight aluminium, wider tire better contact with surface and can be ridden on lower pressure)

XC wide - 29er carbon  KLIK!
XC wide -27,5 carbon  KLIK!
XC lite - 29er carbon low weight

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